A Valentine's Poem for Coding

February 14, 2024#Software Development
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Sarah Dutkiewicz, Senior Trainer

After seeing Steve pairing with ChatGPT, I’ve been pairing with my friends ChatGPT and Bard Gemini to help me get past writer’s block.

This morning, I prompted Gemini with this prompt:

Can you write a platonic Valentine's Day poem for a group of people who love code katas, design patterns, and software architecture?

And this, my friends, is what it came up with:

In realms of logic, where bits entwine,
Our hearts compile, a love divine.
No sonnets sweet, no roses red,
But code katas, in our minds we've bred.

Forget the flowers, the chocolates' lure,
For design patterns, our spirits soar.
No candlelit cliche, no awkward dance,
Just algorithms, in perfect trance.

With linked lists held, and classes cast,
Our love for code, forever fast.
No diamond rings, no whispered sighs,
But SOLID principles, in our eyes.

In layers stacked, and functions grand,
Our bond is built, on solid sand.
No airy castles, built on dreams,
But refactored code, in vibrant beams.

So raise a mug, to caffeine's might,
And push commits, beneath the starry night.
This Valentine's, we celebrate,
The code we craft, intricate fate.

No hearts and arrows, just bits in flight,
A fellowship forged, in coding's light.
Happy Valentine's, my code friends true,
May logic's flame, forever burn in you!

Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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