What is devBetter?

March 01, 2021#Career Advancement
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Steve Smith, Founder and Principal Architect

devBetter is a group coaching program and professional software developer community. Its goal is to enable developers to accelerate their career growth. I started it in 2018 and it’s been growing steadily since then.

What is included with a devBetter membership

Members are invited to a private web site and Discord server where they can interact with the rest of the community. The group has weekly live coaching sessions with me over Zoom, and the rest of the time we collaborate using Discord, primarily.

Members receive access to hundreds of hours of archived coaching sessions, complete with notes on what was discussed.

Members are invited to the devBetter GitHub organization and are given access to the group’s private Stack Overflow team site, where they can ask and answer questions privately within the group.

Networking and promotion are also important aspects of membership, with members regularly promoting one another on social media or assisting with interviews, trying speak at conferences, and more.

How will I benefit

In addition to surrounding yourself with others intent on improving themselves and accelerating their career, you’ll also have opportunities to collaborate on software projects and get feedback on your skills. Have a problem you’re not sure how to solve? Bring it to the group to get their opinion. Want to learn how to write better code or in a new language? You’ll get resources and offers to review your work. Need help with your resume, cover letter, interviewing? All of these are regular discussion topics with the group.

The devBetter program is designed to meet you where you are. What you get out of it is strongly influenced by what you put into it. If you sign up, never attend a coaching session, never participate in Discord, and don’t pick up any coding assignments or exercises, you’re probably not going to improve dramatically. But if you do all these things and are open to the feedback of Steve and the rest of the group, you’ll be amazed how quickly you’ll grow.

What it costs

Currently devBetter membership is $200/mo or $2000/year. Members who remain with the group for two years graduate to alumni status and can remain a part of the group indefinitely (assuming they continue to follow terms of service, code of conduct, etc.).

Many individuals who come to NimblePros looking at our Remote Mentoring packages end up joining devBetter instead. The cost is significantly lower with no per-hour pricing, allowing individual developers to spend as much time improving and interacting with the devBetter cohort as they want at no additional cost beyond the subscription.

How do I join

To join devBetter, just visit https://devbetter.com and click the “Join Now” link. If you want to talk to current and past members before joining, you’ll find many devBetter members on this Twitter list.

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