Participating in Hacktoberfest 2023

October 03, 2023#Community
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Sarah Dutkiewicz, Senior Trainer

It’s October, which means - it’s Hacktoberfest time! I’ve been working with Steve to see what’s in store with some of the open source projects. Let’s talk about Hacktoberfest.

How You Can Contribute

There are multiple ways you can contribute to an open source project. Some of the ways projects need contributors include:

  • Writers to help create documentation for their projects. This is a common request I hear from maintainer friends.
  • Graphics designers to help create logos and other graphics for their projects
  • Project managers or people who can help them organize their projects
  • Event planners and community builders who can help facilitate community events around their projects
  • Social media people who can help spread the word about their projects
  • Programmers to help write code for their projects

If you aren’t sure where to start, there’s a great reference to How to Contribute to Open Source on how to get started.

How to Participate

  1. Register on the Hacktoberfest Site. Sign up using GitHub or GitLab. Registration happens between September 26 and October 31.
  2. Find repos to contribute to. Maintainers are asked to tag their repos with the hacktoberfest topic. These are:
  3. Identify issues that are meant for Hacktoberfest. Maintainers are asked to tag issues with the hacktoberfest label.
  4. Submit pull/merge requests (PR/MR) to help solve the issues labeled for Hacktoberfest.
  5. If a maintainer chooses to accept your pull/merge request, they should tag it for the Hacktoberfest crew to recognize it as a qualifying PR/MR.

    Note: There is a 7-day wait period for the Hacktoberfest team to ensure your PR/MR is legitimate. So do not panic if your accepted PR does not show up right away in your Hacktoberfest profile.

  6. If you have 4 PR/MR accepted between October 1 and October 31, you will get a unique digital reward.

Our Participating Repos

Looking at the NimblePros and friends repos, these are joining Hacktoberfest this year:

On behalf of the maintainers out there, thank you for positively contributing to open source!

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