Introducing Our Particular Software Recognized Professionals

April 10, 2024#Announcements
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Sarah Dutkiewicz, Senior Trainer

We are excited to share news about some of our teammates - Eric Fleming and Kyle McMaster have earned the credential of Particular Software Recognized Professional!

Who is Particular Software?

Particular Software started out as Udi Dahan working on the open-source project known as NServiceBus. What started as a project that was used for distributed systems in aerospace has grown to be used in many industries - including banking, retail, manufacturing, insurance, energy, and media. The name Particular Software came along in 2013 as they expanded beyond NServiceBus. You can learn more about Particular Software and its history here: About Particular Software

What are Particular Software Recognized Professionals?

When professionals help Particular Software make their offerings better and help others to adopt their platforms, they may become Particular Software Recognized Professionals.

Eric has shown many of us NimblePros how to work with NServiceBus - from the Learning Transport through to production and how to write tests around their components. He has also shown us how to work with Service Pulse to monitor our messaging. We appreciate Eric sharing his expertise in the tools so that we can help implement NServiceBus in many of our solutions for our clients. We know that he meets with Particular Software, talks about how things work, and shares feedback on their tools

Kyle also demonstrates his expertise both internally and externally. In addition to supporting our teammates as we implement and support Particular Software’s platforms, Kyle is also overseeing our NServiceBus series and creating a lot of content around NServiceBus! We appreciate having Kyle ready to advise us on our NServiceBus journeys!

Learn more about the Particular Software Recognized Professional credential.


Eric and Kyle have demonstrated solid understanding of Particular Software’s offerings to achieve this credential. We have learned a lot from them internally, and it has allowed us to help implement efficient distributed systems for our clients. We are proud of the work Eric and Kyle have been doing. Congratulations to our new Particular Software Recognized Professionals! 🎉

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